About Me

I was born in a small hospital just outside of Bakersfield California on January 31, 1968. 
My parents at the time owned one of the largest Outfitting operations in the Sequoia National Forest. Outfitters take people into the back country on horses and mules for extended amounts of time to hunt, fish and camp. I grew up with horses and the wild outbacks of the Sierra mountains as my playground. I learned how to ride a horse before I could even walk.
Unfortunately, in 1972 my parents divorced and my Mom moved us to Alaska. My Mother moved us first to Anchorage then to Wasilla and eventually settled in Palmer.
Growing up in Alaska, hunting and fishing is just a part of living there. I learned how to dressing out the Moose and Caribou that we hunted every fall to keep meat in our freezers. I also learned how to smoke and can Salmon plus hundreds of other skills necessary for life in Alaska from my wonderful Grandparents.
I still enjoy camping, hunting and fishing and riding horses Taking my dog and my horse on long rides brings me a sense of incredible peace.
I now share my time between San Diego California and Las Vegas Nevada, where I work as a Hair Designer, Author and do my lecturing series.
As most know, San Diego is paradise! I have access to the best deep sea fishing and the weather is unbeatable. Las Vegas allows me to have the nightlife side of me fulfilled, since there is always a party going on there.


♥ I am a full blooded Aquarius. I encompass all that come with being an Aquarius, from the way I view the world, to how I need my freedom to be who I am

♥ I love the ocean. One of my dreams as a teen was to become a Marine Biologist when I grew up.

♥ I really don’t like when a man text messages me rather than calling. I don’t mind one or two texts, but I like a man who can express himself through real communication.

♥ I like so many different styles of music that it’s hard to just pick one. It just depends on my mood. I do listen to old school heavy metal when I am working out!

♥ I love to go for long drives. Sometimes I will get in my car and just go for a couple of days and see what is down some road. No map needed.

♥ I have never been married yet and I don't have children, but I do have my Chow dog, HoneyBear, two freeloading cats and my horse.

♥ I don't own an alarm clock. When I want to wake up at a certain time I tell myself before I fall asleep.

♥ My favorite colour is copper

♥ My favorite smells are lemons, cinnamon, jasmine, orange blossoms

♥My favorite flowers are the Tiger lily and yellow roses

♥ I wear fur.

♥ My first job was a paper route when I was 7 years old. I delivered over a hundred papers a day on my horse in weather sometimes as cold as minus 45 degrees below zero

♥ My cheat food is chocolate and I like dark chocolate over milk chocolate or white.

♥ I can’t live without coffee. I love Turkish coffee most of all.

♥ I love to shoe shop and have a serious weakness for high heels

♥ Some of my favorite movies are: Intouchables with Omar Sy, Master and Commander, Southern Comfort, Man on Fire, Lust in the Dust, Silverado, Once upon a time in America, Cat on a hot tin roof and Lone Star. I can’t think of any Mel Brooks movies that I don't love. 

♥ I have always wanted to sail around the world and see the places I've only seen in National Geographic

♥ I like men in suits. I find it so sexy to see a man well groomed and comfortable in a suit. To quote the famous mens designer Ozwald Boateng “Men in America dress like little kids, they need to dress like Men”.... I could not agree more!

♥ I prefer a clean shaven face on a man. If a man wears facial hair I expect it to be well groomed and shaped in a design that shows his personal style.

♥ I like a man who can smile easily and knows what nice cologne is. NO PATCHOULI EVER!

♥ I like men who are highly intelligent and who can articulate their thoughts, both in writing and in speech.

♥ I'm very direct and forthright. If you ask me to tell you the truth, I will, but I will do with it kindness. Cruelty is never acceptable.

♥ I have ZERO TOLERANCE for prejudice acts, speeches or jokes

♥ I like to read philosophy and I have a natural curiosity about everything and everyone. I like to know the ‘why’ behind every situation.

♥ I like so many activities it is too hard to list them all! But it is safe to say I always love finding a new adventure to go on and new cuisines to try. 

♥ One of the best books I have ever read was 2150A.D by Thea Alexander. Another favorite is Kiss my Tiara by Susan Jane Gilman

The qualities about myself that  I am most proud of :

I live my life on my terms. I'm not afraid to say “I am what I am”. A person doesn’t have to like me, or agree with me,  but you do need to respect me. If you do this, then I will always show you the same respect back.

I have lived a life full of some very challenging moments. I am proud to say I can still find joy in my journey.


You must be willing to die for your dream

before you are allowed to live it!